Storm reshapes office memos (The Standard)

October 22, 2016 | News

Human resource technology innovator Storm (formerly Storm Flex Systems Inc.), developer of Storm Flexible Benefits and incentives platform Storm Kudos, launched its latest product, Squares.

Squares is a corporate communications tool built to engage today’s mobile workforce. This app enables employers to communicate quickly, effectively and directly with their employees through smartphones. Squares is designed to be a much better bridge between employer and employee, leading to greater engagement and productivity.

With Squares, companies may relay important updates, announcements and memos to employees across different worksites in the most efficient way possible.

From left: Storm Squares product head Dodge Ronquillo, Storm founder and chief executive Peter Cauton and Xurpas Inc. chief executive Nix Nolledo

Instead of manually filling up and filing forms, employees may now request documents via Squares. Employee surveys and other feedback data can also be sent out and answered very quickly via the app. Useful information about company events, policies, HMO coverage, and government benefits will be made accessible on a single device.

A subsidiary of leading Filipino software and IT solutions developer Xurpas, Storm is best known for its unique flexible benefits platform.

This allows employees to convert benefits such as sick leaves, vacation leaves and food allowances into monetary points called FlexPoints.

Employees may then use their points to purchase gadgets, clothes, travel and dining packages, and other benefits in kind from Storm’s exclusive online marketplace.

Storm’s second product, Kudos is a total motivation platform that combines external rewards and intrinsic motivation.

Managers award top-performing employees with digital points which they can use to purchase their rewards of choice on the Storm online marketplace. Kudos’ wishlist feature enables employees to identify the rewards they want to receive and work harder to achieve them.

Employees can also exchange affirmation for good work done, which are displayed on their profile pages for an increased sense of achievement.

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