STORM Squares Launch: Inception of innovation

October 07, 2016 | News

Last October 7, 2016, STORM—a subsidiary of Xurpas Inc. —launched its newest product: STORM Squares. In a world where people are spending more and more time staring blankly into their mobile devices, Squares is a way for companies to meet employees where they are.

The app was designed with a simple intention: to create one-on-one relationships with every employee. Imagine having your company in your pocket—you can see company announcements, handbooks, and events, and you can interact digitally with your HR department to request documents, answer surveys, and more.

How did they come up with the idea?

A big part of it is that STORM’s founder, Peter Cauton, spent much of his time in HR.

“I’m an HR guy. I used to manage HR for a couple of firms before becoming an entrepreneur… One huge problem that organizations and HR functions face is [that] of engagement. I think we feel this—when we talk to demotivated customer service people who answer our calls very poorly, when we give assignments to employees who aren’t motivated, we know in our minds this could be better. It could be a lot better,” Peter said.

With HR at their core, STORM also knew that employee engagement can be improved by good company communication. Innovation doesn’t have to be far off. They looked inward and found the best communication tool — a mobile phone — and designed an app that would allow employees to never feel left out again.

Having a dedicated app allows both companies and their employees to block out distractions and noise. Companies can announce without competition, employees can check without distraction. This improves communication between them, which increases employee engagement.

“If we manage to communicate better with our employees, then engagement goes up because [they] feel like [they] belong to the company much more. There’s an intuitive reasoning behind it. What are your bridges right now that connect you to each employee? We tried to think how can we again use our technology to build something which can help employers and orgs communicate much better to each… of their employees. This is what we’ve done: we’ve built a better bridge,” said Peter.

Does innovation end here?

Peter responded, “If you look at STORM’s DNA, you’d know the answer. We always try to see how things could be better. We’ll always see how to improve.”

With Flex, they improved company benefits.

With Kudos, they improved incentives.

With Squares, they look to improve communication.

They seem to be on the right track.



STORM Squares will be continually updated and integrated with existing STORM products. For now, the team is working hard to make it available it will be available by January 2017.

STORM is a subsidiary of publicly-listed technology firm Xurpas, Inc. and is part of the solutions portfolio of Xurpas Enterprise, which aims to help companies mobile-enable their businesses in the Philippines and in Asian emerging markets.



This article was originally published in Xurpas Enterprise.




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