Dev Ops Engineer

A Dev Ops Engineer who is up to the challenge of driving the analysis and leading the design of quality technical solutions.


We are looking for a DevOps Engineer that can drive the analysis and design of quality technical solutions. You’ll be part of a team that deals with the full life cycle of an application or program development, from design to implementation of applications’ build, release, deployment, and configuration activities.

This role is a collaborative one. Aside from your teammates, you’ll be working closely with other departments in gathering requirements, prototyping, architecting, implementing/updating solutions, building and executing test plans, performing quality reviews, managing operations, and triaging and fixing operational issues.

Things move at a fast pace in STORM, and you have to be able to keep up and adjust, whether it’s to new requirements, evolving goals and strategies, or emerging technologies. If you’re hungry for a challenge, you’re sure to get your fill here. Don’t worry though, you’ll have your stomach full too—we STORMERS love to eat and share the calories.

Ready to bring your technical savvy, problem-solving skills, and quirky personality to the table? Apply now, and you might just have a spot on our DevOps team.


  • College graduate, Computer Science or similar field
  • 3 years actual experience in Dev Ops
  • Excellent problem-solving skills

Don’t be shy, send an e-mail (don’t forget to attach your CV!) to today.