E-Commerce Lead

An entrepreneurial e-Commerce Lead who will spearhead marketplace operations including product development, merchant relations, supply chain, and customer support.


We are looking for someone who will be responsible for the overall strategy and operations. As an HR Technology firm, one of STORM’s value propositions is the online marketplace that supports its Flexible Benefits and Incentives platforms.  The STORM marketplace contains 5,000 products and serves 40,000 people, and it is growing exponentially in both products and people served.

The E-Commerce Lead will directly support and lead the different teams that make-up the E-commerce group: Product, Merchant Relations, Supply Chain and Customer Support.  The challenge is to effectively and efficiently scale operations, and to make sure the marketplace is of the premier state to deliver hanep service to our customers and partners.

If you’ve always wanted to run a business, set-up your own e-Commerce store, or if you just really like to shop online, you might wanna take this role up for a challenge.


  • Business savvy
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Experience in business development, brand management, sales or retail
  • Experienced in leading cross-functional teams
  • Must be a quick-learner, go-getter and problem-solver
  • E-commerce background is a plus, but not necessary
  • Experience in other Asian markets is also a plus

Don’t be shy, send an e-mail (don’t forget to attach your CV!) to join@stormbenefits.com today.