Mobile App Developers

Talented mobile developers with a knack for building apps that make employee lives better.


We’re looking for someone with the technical skills to build mobile apps, may it be iOS or Android. Familiarity with each platform’s native language is something we value because one of STORM’s goals is to always be on hand inside our customers’ phones, making sure we keep them connected and more.

Coding aside, good UX skills and incorporation of design are part of our favorite skills. That means understanding what the app is for, and knowing how to use each mobile platform’s strengths to produce a smooth and frictionless experience. At the same time, we also welcome someone who can bring something new to the table. We want our tech to continuously evolve, and we never close our doors for a person who’s more than willing to share his/her ideas.


  • One (1) year working experience in Android Development using Java
  • One original Android/iOS application published
  • Experience with remote data using JSON and REST
  • Experience integrating third-party libraries and APIs
  • Experience and knowledge in the latest Android SDK
  • Strong knowledge in Object Oriented Programming
  • Deep understanding of full mobile development life cycle
  • Familiarity with good UI / UX is a plus!

Don’t be shy, send an e-mail (don’t forget to attach your CV!) to today.