The ALLCARE Whitepaper

May 22, 2018

AllCare Whitepaper

How do we close the benefits gap? Today, we’re making the ALLCARE Whitepaper available for download on our website ( This document explains our plans and solutions to help solve the benefits gap.


STORM Flexible Benefits Trend Report 2017

March 01, 2018


As the business landscape and nature of work changes, human capital takes center stage as the key asset of companies. Professionals now have a wider range of career options to choose from, making the task of attracting and retaining employees even more challenging for employers. To take care of their talent and set themselves apart from growing competition, employers must be creative with their compensation and benefit packages.


Building Benefits Around Employees: 8 Tips for a Better Flexible Benefits Program

October 25, 2017

Building Benefits Around Employees: 8 Tips for a Better Flexible Benefits Program

In 2017, we have seen more human resource teams become increasingly digital. As companies keep up with trends, they also find it easier and faster to integrate technology into internal processes. The goal, however, remains focused on age-old HR targets such as increasing attraction, retention, and motivation–all while controlling the function’s costs…


Flexible Benefits: Harnessing the Power of Choice

March 30, 2017

Flexibility is a word that’s increasingly being used in today’s workplace. By giving employees the freedom to choose, employers recognize that both freedom and choice are important in maintaining an engaging work environment. One strategy that has been around for decades is the implementation of a flexible benefits program.


2016 STORM Flex Report

February 28, 2017

Flexible benefits has been part of STORM since our beginnings in 2005. Originally a flexible reimbursement system, we moved to a benefits marketplace model in 2013. This allows employees to convert pre-approved benefits into flexpoints. Employees can then use these points to buy products and services from our online Benefits Store.


Rewards: In Cash or In Kind?

October 14, 2016

Often, this is a question we’re asked once we arrive at the topic of rewards. Cash offers great flexibility, allowing recipients to choose the rewards they want to enjoy. It’s universal too, appreciated by people regardless of age, gender, or status. But is cash really the best way to incentivize productivity and performance?