Building Benefits Around Employees: 8 Tips for a Better Flexible Benefits Program

October 25, 2017 | Studies

Building Benefits Around Employees: 8 Tips for a Better Flexible Benefits Program

In 2017, we have seen more human resource teams become increasingly digital. As companies keep up with trends, they also find it easier and faster to integrate technology into internal processes. The goal, however, remains focused on age-old HR targets such as increasing attraction, retention, and motivation–all while controlling the function’s costs.

Whether internally developed or provided by a third party, the technology designed to aid management in target achievement must be human-centered. By shifting the attention to the end users, companies wielding such HR tools can reap the full fruits of their technological investments. When the desired results of a program are hinged on people, the success also rests on how well it’s designed around people.

At STORM Technologies, we have been trying to perfect this design thinking through the platforms we develop. We started in 2005 as a flexible benefits provider and we have taken what we learned in the past decade to power a platform that makes flexible benefits implementation better.

In our years of implementing Flex, we have learned that desired results such as increasing engagement, and attracting, retaining, and motivating employees are easier to achieve with an employee-centric benefits program.

In this whitepaper, STORM lays down 8 practical tips for any company interested in integrating flexible benefits tools into their human resources functions. This is in the hopes that the human-centered, or employee-centric design intention of the technology used meets its full potential.

Access the whitepaper, or book a meeting with our representatives to learn more about designing a better flexible benefits program.


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