HR in the digital age: How to attract the best talent and help your employees grow

September 08, 2017 | Thought Pieces

With today’s extremely competitive business landscape, attracting and retaining the best talent are among the challenges faced by organizations across the globe. Employers are continuously finding ways to edge out competition with high paychecks and enticing benefits to lure the best.

So how can emerging businesses with limited resources compete with such organizations? How can they attract and retain the best, highly-skilled employees they need to fuel their growth? Here are some ways:


  1. Craft a vision you can sell to potential employees.

CEOs and members of top management are often focused on crafting pitches for investors and business partners, but they should also take an active role in shaping and polishing the pitch to potential employees. The pitch should underline their vision, mission and culture to help HR ‘sell’ the company, and find the best fit for the role they are looking to fill.

To create a pitch, small and emerging companies must use weapons big companies do not have. They must dig deep into their company’s core purpose and culture, find differentiators that other companies cannot give, and leverage on that to create a compelling pitch.


  1. The best talent can’t say no to creativity, growth and opportunity.

More and more people–particularly millennials–value growth in their career over receiving a high paycheck. Highlight the type of work and the learning opportunities in your company to appeal to this purpose-driven workforce. The chance to hone one’s creativity, strategic thinking and problem solving skills can be very appealing to a young, passionate individual looking to make an impact in an organization.

It’s very important to find not just the best talent, but someone who shares the same values with your company. Give your HR the chance to go deep and discover who the person is to ensure an

alignment of values. Resist the urge to hire immediately–a long, recruitment process may seem tedious, but it will benefit you in the long run.


  1. Reach out to each employee and make them feel special.

Employers must be able to reach out to each employee and make them feel special. But how do you make each employee feel special, given the diverse needs and wants of the workforce today? Companies should take advantage of the digital revolution, with technology providing an array of options and tools that empower managers to connect with their employees efficiently and effectively.

Learn more on how to attract and retain the best talent from STORM Technologies Founder and CEO Peter Cauton in this interview with e27.


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