Rewards: In Cash or In Kind?

October 14, 2016 | Studies

“Why don’t we just give rewards in cash?”

Often, this is a question we’re asked once we arrive at the topic of rewards. Cash offers great flexibility, allowing recipients to choose the rewards they want to enjoy. It’s universal too, appreciated by people regardless of age, gender, or status. But is cash really the best way to incentivize productivity and performance? Or are there other things to consider when setting up an incentives program?

We went ahead and took a closer look at rewards and how they affect employee performance. We found that while cash rewards are popular and effective, they are not the most efficient way to encourage performance. In fact, these can lead to declined performance. Instead of choosing between rewards in cash or in kind, choose a rewards program that combines both.

Learn more about rewards through our first white paper, In Cash? Or in Kind?: How Noncash Reward Programs Complement Cash to Drive Employee Job Performance.





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