April 19, 2018 | News


By Peter V. Cauton

For over a decade now since starting the company in my living room, STORM has been at the forefront of benefits evolution, improving the way companies have been rewarding their employees using technology as a powerful enabler.

Like any entrepreneurial journey, we have gone through a lot of ups and downs. With 120,000 employee users across nearly 50 client companies, I am immensely proud of the progress we have been able to achieve. Our progress has also been rewarded in other ways: in a few weeks, Cindy Burdette (Client Acquisition and Servicing Head of STORM) and I will be flying to San Francisco to represent the country in this year’s Startup World Cup. We have also been recently accepted into the prestigious Endeavor network.

There’s been one nagging, growing problem we have been seeing though. And it’s attracted a lot of our attention since last year.


What we first began to observe was that for a lot of companies, there is actually more than one type of worker. As a benefits company, we usually would work with REGULAR EMPLOYEES. But we began noticing that not all people who work for a company would consist of regular employees. There are contractuals. There are workers who were assigned to a company but actually work for a different company or cooperative. In industries like insurance or real estate, there could be sales agents who work individually and are paid solely by commission.

What we noticed was that most of these sets of workers WON’T have benefits. We looked further.

We saw that one specific worker group, the freelancer, was also growing by leaps and bounds. Fuelled by the rise of job platforms such as Grab, Uber, AirBnB, ELance, and Upwork, there were a lot of former employees who would take the leap into freelancing — and consequently lose their benefit status.

According to research the freelancer economy is now at $1.6 TRILLION and growing rapidly. I agree with a lot of the sentiment that the Gig economy will be the future of work. Pretty soon, MOST jobs will be outsourced to individuals.

Most of these people are paid SOLELY by wiring cash.

What’s the problem? A vast amount of research confirms that the absolute best way to compensate workers is by offering BOTH a cash component and a benefits component.

Don’t believe the research? Think of the ALL the best employers in the world. All of these organizations develop compensation strategies that utilize both.



What companies can do for their constituents is use their size, volume, and influence to gain access to much cheaper benefits.

For example, a 50,000-man company can reduce the price of a given individual health insurance plan by half. This is a big part of the reason why companies, especially BIG companies, can offer a great list of benefits for their constituents: they get them a whole lot cheaper.

Freelancers, contractuals, cooperatives, job platform entrepreneurs, workers who work for SME’s and family businesses, so many different other types of workers DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO GREAT BENEFITS.  


In STORM’s current set-up, we’re basically a Business to Business to Consumer company, a B2B2C company. We (first “B”) work with the employer (second “B”), particularly HR, and through them, we gain access to every employee (our “C”).

For this new problem set, it becomes a bit different.

We then saw the problem in a new light. Could we create a platform where the worker could go straight to the benefit provider and vice versa?

In late 2017, we discovered and started researching on an evolving new technology which excited us: the blockchain. We saw the dizzying possibilities: through the blockchain, we could create a decentralized network where the worker and the provider can be provided a “safe” place to execute transactions. The ability of the blockchain to facilitate transaction immutability and transparency allows both parties to evaluate and “vet” one another at a much higher lvel. This is extremely crucial for benefits like insurance or healthcare.

Today, I am proud to announce the launching of a new STORM company: ALLCARE.

ALLCARE’s raison d’etre is as simple as it is powerful: BENEFITS FOR ALL. Remember all those worker groups I mentioned earlier? We want to give ALL OF THEM access to the best possible benefits.

I’m giddy. I think this is a new, significant problem that we really have the right chops and background to sink our teeth into.


We are at GROUND ZERO of ALLCARE’s development. Everything is being built and planned.

What we want to do now is to gather more information and conscript as many people as we can to help us tackle this problem.

Freelancer? Benefit provider? Gig economy worker? HR executive who wants to learn more? Insurance firm owner? Blockchain enthusiast? Let’s talk! Do register your email at the ALLCARE site and join the revolution.


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