Rewarding and Recognizing to Shape Culture

February 28, 2017 | Studies

Organizations have always set their sights on performing well, but more and more, they’re also recognizing how important culture is. A happy, encouraging company culture can bring out the best in employees, boosting performance. More than just that, it also plays a part in attracting recruits, making employees want to stay longer, and keeping them engaged. 

One way to shape both performance and culture is through a well-designed incentives program. A company should offer rewards that capture employees’ attention and push them to do better. But with today’s workforce being as varied as it is, it’s hard to create a rewards program that appeals to everyone. This is where STORM’s motivational platform comes in handy.

STORM’s motivational platform allows employees to choose their own rewards from among 14,000 products and services on STORM’s online marketplace. Aside from simply focusing on rewards, STORM’s motivational platform also provides a unique space for managers to recognize their team’s good work – and for employees to congratulate each other for a job well done. Companies are able to reward and recognize their employees while also influencing behavior and culture. SGS Philippines, in particular, discovered this first-hand when they implemented the platform.

Find out how SGS utilized STORM’s motivational platform to create a more exciting employee experience and a more encouraging and engaged work environment. Click the image below to download our case study.



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