Swedish firm taps STORM’s online channel for employee incentives (Business Mirror)

November 24, 2016 | News

To help drive business results within its organization, Sweden-based multinational Transcom has tapped the subsidiary of publicly listed company Xurpas Inc. for its latest product that offers rewards and motivation to employees.

STORM Ace is an online platform of Storm that enables human-resource (HR) administrators and personnel to encourage higher performance and better productivity among employees.

Through this site, managers award digital badges and points to workers who, in turn, can redeem these in the forms of reward, such as electronic gadgets, health-and-wellness packages, and travel deals.

In creating products, Storm marries theory with HR philosophy and technology, CEO Peter Cauton said.

“So when our clients expressed their desire to use our flexible benefits platform for incentives, we really exerted time and effort to study and dig in as to what motivation is all about—what factors increase performance? We tried to put all these in STORM Ace,” he said. “It is simply your best tool in creating a culture of recognition in your organization.”

Considering its size as an international customer-service provider, Transcom had difficulties in having an incentive package system due to the painstaking paperwork that goes with it.

“We have to go through the purchasing department, and then it will take one or two months. We lose the image and impact of the incentive,” said Wilhelm V. Santiago, director, HR Service Delivery, Transcom Worldwide Philippines.

Their deal with Storm for STORM Ace, he noted, now gives their people an option to choose what type of reward they will get.

“Employees will find STORM Ace very beneficial, especially those in Bacolod and Iloilo. It is much like an online shopping web site where rewards may be purchased,” Santiago said.

Another feature of this online marketplace is the profile page that users can use to create their personal account.

Because it allows the employees to have a channel to recognize fellow colleagues for their outstanding performance and also “share” their own achievements, STORM Ace helps promote a healthy corporate working environment.

Formerly known as Storm Flex Systems Inc., Storm was established in 2005 and is currently the biggest provider of flexible benefits in the Philippines.

Serving the country’s top companies with its benefits and incentives solutions, it forms part of the solutions portfolio of Xurpas Enterprise that seeks to help companies mobile-enable their businesses in the Philippines, as well as in other Asian emerging markets.

Transcom Asia Philippines was established in 2007 and currently services 350 international brands from various industries through its major facilities located in Pasig, Mandaluyong, Iloilo and Bacolod.

This article was originally published in Business Mirror.


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