The ALLCARE Whitepaper

May 22, 2018 | Studies

AllCare Whitepaper

A few weeks ago, STORM launched ALLCARE and its vision of providing benefits for all. We saw the problem that a huge chunk of the working population composed of contractuals, freelancers, gig economy workers, project-based employees, and such do not have equal access to benefits (vs regular employees) like health and life insurance. These types of workers miss out on getting the security that such benefits provide just because of the type of work that they’re in, and we wanted to take action.

How do we close the benefits gap?

Today, we’re making the ALLCARE Whitepaper available for download on our website This document explains our plans and solutions to help solve the benefits gap.

We encourage everyone who believes in our vision to join the revolution by reading the ALLCARE Whitepaper and sharing your thoughts in our Telegram community

Let’s work together toward a more inclusive benefits system!


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