Associate Product Managers

Creative product managers willing to live and breathe product work who dream of making lives better through the products they help make.

We are looking for someone who loves all aspects of building and managing a product. This includes customer development, research and customer interviews, writing product specs, managing timelines, documentation, writing customer support guidelines, making and implementing marketing plans, managing implementation cycles, making product wireframes, and making prototypes — to name a few.

This job is also highly collaborative. This person will be working with a product team comprised of programmers and designers. Apart from that, s/he will also responsible for making sure products are built, shipped on time, and are useful; all while absorbing every learning possible to make sure s/he will continuously improve. As for obtaining new hard skills, mentorship, learning sessions, and actual work assignments will be provided as avenues for self-improvement


  • Experience with wireframing and writing product specs clearly
  • Comfortable with prototyping, getting user feedback, and designing around it for quality assurance testing
  • Willingness to be all-around and hands-on; can accept any job no matter how big or small
  • Familiar with marketing and financial analysis is a plus
  • Understanding of coding / basic programming will help
  • Excellent project management skills
  • Ability to communicate confidently and effectively (oral and written)
  • Highly analytical, and can simplify complex ideas
  • Can look out for both short-term and long-term goals
  • Detail oriented
  • User oriented
  • Interpersonal; can manage people well
  • Collaborative and can work well with a team

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