Customer Success Consultant

A fearless communicator who can work closely with a team in order to manage employee benefits for clients to keep them happy.

We’re looking for someone who can relentlessly tackle data in order to turn them into actionable results. Being an HR Tech firm, our CS Consultants are equipped to be collaborators who not only communicate insights to our clients, but also to multiple departments within STORM in order to formulate optimal solutions for any program incidents that require resolution.

Part of the job is spearheading collaboration meetings with both internal and external stakeholders of projects to come up with a seamless work/process flow. This is inclusive of formulating recommendations based from data, and ensuring that all program success metrics are tracked and managed upon execution. Our CS consultants also formulate methodologies for all related HR data gathering efforts and will further guide analysts in administration, all with the help of a fully functioning team whose end goal is to make sure all our clients are satisfied and happy.


  • Bachelor’s degree graduate
  • Experience in project management
  • Experience in account management
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Highly organized
  • Fearless with HR insights and trend spotting
  • Strong communication and client management skills
  • Adaptable and willing to learn
  • Experience with data analysis is a plus!

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