Marketing Specialist

An out-of-the-box marketing strategist who is knowledgeable in communications and promotions.

We’re looking for self-motivated, action-biased, imaginative Marketing Specialists who will manage branding, communications, and promotions of our products. STORM’s Consumer Marketing Team is composed of energetic, passionate, and driven learners and doers hell-bent on delivering our products’ promise to our users.

We blend our strategic minds with our overflowing creative juices to execute campaigns that help employees feel valued by our clients. We bring ideas to execution to drive traffic into the platform and bridge transactions between employees and the relevant merchants. We connect with users everyday and listen to them to find out what they want and rally the company towards bringing them greater value.

Tasks will include:
  • Understanding users, competition, the industry through guerrilla research, and continually identify what influences decision, what prohibits action, and what shapes meaningful experiences.
  • Analyzing and mastering your product and communicating them in a way that magnifies its value and in one that resonates with your users
  • Landing creative and excellent Integrated Marketing Campaigns to launch your product locally into new markets.
  • Inspiring designers and leading the production and development of creative materials that, speaks and sticks.
  • Managing media channels to continuously engage existing audiences and attract new ones.
  • Measuring and analyzing performance, scaling what works, documenting what doesn’t, and testing new and other ways.
  • Leading projects, identifying their targets, objectives, resources, and tasks, rallying people across functions to execute your aligned vision


  • 1-2 years working experience in Consumer Marketing
  • Hands-on experience with Digital Marketing, particularly email, is a plus
  • Proficiency in office software, particularly spreadsheets (XLS) and presentations (PPT)
  • Foundational knowledge on Design
  • Degree in Marketing, Business, Communications
  • Proven track record of bringing new ideas to life
  • Demonstrated ability to dive into data and translate them into actionable insights

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