Changing Up Your Benefits System

Being the only country in Southeast Asia with the law on non-diminution of benefits, revamping your employee benefits package is a topic that is usually out of the question. Getting into this challenge is fraught with hurdles from within top management and of course, the general employee population. But should you be able to find a way to legally revolutionize your employee benefits system without extra cost, how do you manage the change?

The current way your employee benefits are provided may give your employees a sense of contentment. Even if it does not, when they feel they should enjoy a better way, there could be a perception that there is no changing how things are. An alternative to the status quo might seem like a downgrade or an unnecessary hassle. So the official leaves and various allowances are accepted as a done and final deal. Next topic, please.

But there is a way to make your employees enjoy their benefits better, suiting the benefits to what their life needs. There is a system to allow benefits to be relevant to their respective lifestyle, having these benefits delivered on their own terms, and quite literally, on their own doorsteps. It is overall a better way. And should you take that brave and obvious right move to transition to flexible benefits, how should the transition best be done?

Both the denial and confusion stages of managing the change may be managed by thoroughly planned launch preparations that involve employee communication across different channels, program ambassadors among the ranks of the employees and employee engagement activities implemented on the ground. These will be able to effectively signal that a new process is now in place. In the same breadth, it also clarifies how it is better and how it will work.

After the launch season of your new benefits platform, positive changes are sure to be expected. A renewed employee population then has to be met with consistency and support in order to manage their increased productivity. And in the spirit of continuous improvement, your flexible benefits platform should be designed to develop and evolve when change once more has to happen. ###